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System information

programming language: PHP 5 (
database: mySQL (
template system: SMARTY (
scripting languages for users: AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript
accounting system support: Pohoda, Money S3, Caesar
instalment sale support: Home Credit, Essox, Cetelem
language mutation support: eshop, RS, administration
support of several currencies in eshop (e.g.: Kč, €, $)

General description

The skeleton is created using object-oriented programming (OOP) in the PHP5 script language in cooperation with a mySQL database server. The whole eshop skeleton utilizes the most modern methods to promote SEO methods such as nice URL addresses, dynamic subtitles, dynamic description and keywords with the possibility of customer configuration in administration. Each eshop is included in a sophisticated system of back links increasing its competitive power in all search engines (, and others). The correctness of semantic rules is checked when creating each eshop or RS, increasing the quality of web pages. Each eshop or RS is created with its users in mind and is designed to sooth the eye and have a simple design.

Sections (categories) of goods


Goods catalog


Goods detail


Shopping Cart

Cart - status line (block)

  • always visible for the customer's convenience so that they always know the current status of the order
  • displays the total price of items in the cart
  • displays the number of items in the cart

Cart - payments and transportation

  • cash, cash on delivery, bank transfer with defined prices per action
  • GoPay payment portal
  • Essor installment sale
  • Cetelem installment sale
  • Home Credit installment sale
  • free creation of delivery (transport) options
  • option of assigning prices based on total weight or volume of goods in the cartíku

Cart - customer info

  • customer registration option - after successful registration the customer's data are filled in automatically
  • it is also possible to send orders without registration
  • active online checking of filled in items in the form (check of filled in items and format, for instance in emails etc.)
  • separate entry of invoice and delivery information if necessary

Cart - send order

  • displays a thank you to the customer for the purchaser
  • in case of instalment payment transfers the customer to the internet pages of the selected installment company (Home Credit, Essox, Cetelem)
  • sending an information email to the customer with the entered order
  • sending an information email to the eshop administrator to process the order


Customer registration and login

Customer Registration

  • setting the fields necessary for registration
  • agreement with business conditions
  • agreement with sending news by email
  • possibility of entering several addresses (invoice, delivery)

Customer login

  • login and password check
  • after correctly logging in, the customer sees a list of orders and their current statuses
  • it is possible to view invoices in PDF format
  • each status change of an order in the eshop administration by the administrator sends an email informing of the new order status
  • possibility of changing registration data
  • sending forgotten passwords


Static contents


Dynamic contents

Photo gallery

  • allows the creation and editing of photo galleries for the purposes of presenting images and photos to customers
  • individual photo galleries may be displayed in the LightBox browser or in another jQuery image viewer
  • photos and images in photo galleries may be added, edited and deleted
  • it is possible to set the order of individual photos and also to set a main photography to be shown in the list of photo galleries

Interesting links

  • lists of interesting links (backward links), improving the eshop's position in search engines such as and
  • pages of interesting links may be included in our sophisticated backward link system, which is part of the SEO package
  • each user may insert an unlimited number of their own links based on their own needs


  • news in the eshop are a tool for providing current and important news to customers
  • each news may be specified by a date of effect and may be edited by a wysiwyg editor (HTML editor)
  • The list of news only displays the title of the news and a short description (annotation) with a link to the news detail


  • individual articles may contain texts necessary for the purchase of goods in the eshop, or may contain for instance manuals for proper manipulation with products
  • they may also help customers with choosing the correct type of goods
  • links to articles may be inserted into individual types of goods, so that customers may easily access relevant articles

Eshop special offers

  • these notify customers of special offers and discounted goods
  • the special offers section displays special offers of all goods, so customers may choose from all current special offers and choose the one he or she is interested in

Downloadable files

  • administers the files necessary for clients and customers of the eshop
  • all necessary files are then displayed on a single page
  • the eshop administrator may also insert a description for each file so that customers understand the contents of individual files


  • inserting threads of individual users for a selected product or subject

Offer line

  • displayed on the main page of the eshop and shows a selection of the most interesting goods to customers
  • the offer line displays individual product offers including photos, description, price and link to goods detail
  • individual inserted items alternate regularly in a Carousel with the option of directly going to the goods detail by clicking on the listed goods
  • individual Carousel items may be selected manually in administration or imported from goods

Header - image rotation

  • is a special graphic element for displaying photos to intrigue customers on the main page or on all pages of the eshop
  • the offer line displays individual photos in a regular cycle
  • it is used to immediately present photographs of goods, shops or other advertising images of interest to the customer


  • allows the insertion of comments by eshop customers for individual goods items
  • the eshop administrator has the option of administrating individual comments, displaying them or deleting them if their contents are inappropriate




Facebook (


E-shop directly on Facebook

Allows the creation of an eshop directly in the Facebook environment, with all the functions of a normal eshop. This includes for instance ordering of goods and sending of orders in PDF format.

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