Detailed description of eshop funcionality JET v 1.0.3 (en)

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System informations

programming language: PHP 5 (
database: mySQL (
template system: SMARTY (
scripting languages for users: AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript
accounting system support: Pohoda, Money S3, Caesar
instalment sale support: Home Credit, Essox, Cetelem
language mutation support: eshop, RS, administration
support of several currencies in eshop (e.g.: Kč, €, $)

General description

The skeleton is created using object-oriented programming (OOP) in the PHP5 script language in cooperation with a mySQL database server. The whole eshop skeleton utilizes the most modern methods to promote SEO methods such as nice URL addresses, dynamic subtitles, dynamic description and keywords with the possibility of customer configuration in administration. Each eshop is included in a sophisticated system of back-links increasing its competitive power in all search engines (, and others). The correctness of semantic rules is checked when creating each eshop or RS, increasing the quality of web pages. Each eshop or RS is created with its users in mind and is designed to soothe the eye and have a simple design.

Static and dynamic contents of eshop

Static web pages

Static web pages with their own administration and the option of multiple levels. Administration of individual pages is possible by a wysiwyg editor (HTML editor) which behaves similarly to any other text editor (MS Word, Writer). Used for information which does not change frequently: Contact information, Business conditions, Warranty conditions or information about the company.

Possibility of linking individual static pages with dynamic contents (i.e. static pages may also display dynamic contents [e.g.: news, articles, files for download etc.])

Editorial system - CMS

Multilevel editorial system with the option of custom editing of each page.
Possibility of linking individual static pages with dynamic contents (i.e. static pages may also display dynamic contents [e.g.: news, articles, files for download etc.])

Dynamic web pages

Dynamic contents of eshop based on experience with customer requests, dynamic content editors are ready to allow eshop administrators to individually insert and change contents based on their needs and requirements each of the dynamic sections allows the insertion of several entries into a single type of dynamic content This means that usually, when displaying a dynamic section, first a summary of individual items is displayed and from there it is possible to go to the detailed view of dynamic contents.
if a new editor for dynamic content is necessary, it is possible to program and add-in any administration for dynamic content based on the provided specifications
Photo gallery
Photo gallery editor, allows the creation and editing of photo galleries for the purposes of presenting images and photos to customers. individual photo galleries may be displayed in the LightBox browser or in another jQuery image viewer
photos and images in photo galleries may be added, edited and deleted it is possible to set the order of individual photos and also to set a main photography to be shown in the list of photo galleries
Interesting links
lists of interesting links (backward links), improving the eshop's position in search engines such as and pages of interesting links may be included in our sophisticated backward link system, which is part of the SEO package Each user may also insert their own links, as necessary.
The eshop news editor is a tool for providing information to customers. each news may be specified by a date of effect and may be edited by a wysiwyg editor (HTML editor) This allows the editing of individual texts to attract the attention of customers. The list of news only displays the title of the news and a short description (annotation) with a link to the whole news post.
The article editor for customers; individual articles may contain texts necessary for the purchase of goods in the eshop, or may contain for instance manuals for proper manipulation with products they may also help customers with choosing the correct type of goods links to articles may be inserted into individual products, so that customers may easily access relevant articles.
Special offers - articles
Special offers of the eshop, notifying customers of special offers and discounted goods This section then displays all the special offers, so customers may choose from all current special offers and choose the one he or she is interested in
Downloadable files
Editor of downloadable files; administers the files necessary for clients and customers of the eshop all necessary files are then displayed on a single page The administrator may also insert a description for each file so that customers understand the contents of individual files.
Offer line
The product offer line displays individual product offers including photos, description, price and link to goods detail. Individual inserted items alternate regularly in a Carousel with the option of directly going to the goods detail by clicking on the listed goods.
Header - image rotation
This is a special editor for the option of inserting and editing photographs for display on the main page or on all pages of the eshop. the offer line displays individual photos in a regular cycle. This is used to attract the customer's attention and immediately present the most interesting goods.
Static text
The editor of static text, specifically text contained in the whole presentation. For instance this includes information text, text in footers etc. The editor allows simple editing for the eshop administrator.
Option of inserting comments by eshop customers for individual goods. Administrating individual comments, including displaying them or deleting them if their contents are inappropriate.

Goods catalog and detail

Goods catalog

Displays individual products in sections in two possible display modes - an image format and a simpler list. The goods listing in the catalog may be filtered by manufacturers, name of goods or price of goods. If the selected section contains more products than the entered number of products per page, paging is displayed so that all products in the section are accessible. The goods catalog then displays only the most basic information about a product, such as name, price and a short description. Clicking on the name of the goods or its snapshot will display the product detail page. It is also possible to include a Buy button in the catalog, allowing direct purchase from the catalog.
The selected catalog section allows the display of section descriptions or even images characterizing the selected section. It is also possible to display links to subsections so that the customer has less trouble moving to other sections.

Product detail

Displays necessary information about goods for eshop customers based on the newest trends and news in the area of eshops and internet sale. The goods detail then displays all prices of goods (incl. VAT, excl. VAT, usual price, special offer price), goods variants (allows the selection of: colors, sizes, coating and others). Variants may change the resulting price of goods; changes are made in real-time based on the customer's choice. Information about the manufacturer, supplier, warranty, stock availability, units of measurements and other information are also displayed. Displaying photographs of the selected goods is then a focal point used to introduce goods to the customer - the number of photographs is not limited. If certain files for download need to be displayed (certificates, documentation etc.) or attached (wiring diagrams or assembly instructions) for goods, the goods detail includes an area for displaying links to these files. Technical information about goods represents technical specifications of goods, allowing the tabular display of individual goods properties such as width, height, weight and other properties defined by the administrator, including their values and units of measurements. The eshop administrator can enter all necessary customer information in the detailed product description.
TABS - dynamic table
Each product detail displays the TABS dynamic table (hereinafter TABS), which displays information necessary for customers. TABS is a modern element in internet marketing which allows the display of more information at a single spot of the goods detail by a single click on individual tabs. This element of the product detail may include any entered information about the product or goods (detailed description, properties, files for download, photo gallery and others).
Comments, Forum and Chat
Allowing individual customers (especially potential ones) to insert and display information about individual goods is a current trend and a necessity in internet marketing. Customers then share information about products, their experience with individual products, good and bad references about products, which leads to an informal rating of individual products and increasing the sales of the product (as long as the feedback is positive).
User functions and helpers
  • The watchdog is a customer service which monitors the current price of products, and if the product price changes the customer is notified by an email containing more detailed information, such as the new price of goods.
  • Recommend to a friend is a form which allows individual eshop clients to forward a link to selected goods to a friend the customer believes would find them interesting.
  • Send question allows sending an email directly to the eshop administrator with the current question of the customer for the goods.
FACEBOOK in goods detail
Currently there is a need to advertise the eshop and its products, special offers and information for customers on social networks such as FB, Google+, Diaspora and others. That is why the JET system includes the option of implementing these elements, thus making the goods more accessible to customers. The most often used elements are currently FB Comments, FB LIKE and FB recommendations which allows customers to rate goods and thus spread information about individual products on social networks.

Goods administration


The eshop allows the creation, editing and deletion of individual products. Each product may be assigned any property, variation, photo, special offer, subcard, files for download. Goods is assigned to categories/sections which determine the group the product is displayed in.
Goods definition
Setting up all essentials for a product such as products, variations, photos, special offers, subcards, files for download and assignment of related, recommended and alternative goods and accessories. For each product it is possible to enter the product name, a short description to be displayed in the catalog, then a detailed description to be displayed in the product detail. This is where all prices (incl. VAT, excl. VAT, special offers or the usual price) are setup. It is also possible to setup sections where the goods is to be displayed. Each goods has a single main category and may have an unlimited number of secondary categories.
  • Main section - receives the configured properties and variants assigned to the goods, and it is then possible to insert values for individual properties and prices for individual selected variations
  • Secondary section - allows displaying one type of goods in several categories, however this does not mean that the information is duplicated online, since clicking on the goods in another section will open the goods detail in the main category
Definition of goods properties and their units of measurements, assignment of properties to individual types of goods by main section, addition of values for each product.
Definition of individual variations allowing customers to select their desired variant of goods with respect to coloring, or based on their requirements. Individual variations of goods then allow for instance a change of the coating material, wheels for chairs, different color variants and other freely definable options directly in the product detail. Each selected variation also changes the price of the goods based on the price of the selected variant. The customer has the option of seeing all variations in a table, including photos and prices.
The photograph editor is a universal tool allowing the insertion of an unlimited number of photos for individual goods. It is also possible to set one photo as the main photo, which is then displayed in the goods catalog. It is possible to change the order of photos and add captions.
Special offers - setting special offer price and description
Definition of special offer goods, configuration of the special offer price and the option of placing date restrictions and adding a special offer description. Special offers are then listed in the catalog with a special tag so that it is easy to find. It is also displayed in a special section titled "Special offers", or on the main page in the panel displaying special offers.
Subcards are variants of the product, for instance the "Left corner bench" could have a subcard titled "Right corner bench". Subcards are created if the goods has an alternative; this allows the creation of many variants together with variations. The main benefit of subcards comes into play when selling furniture, where the option is suitable for basically 100% of products.
Editor of files for download. Every product may include files for download, the types of files are limited only to the most frequently used ones (xls, doc, pdf and others) to avoid server security risks. The number of files for download is unlimited.
  • Assign accessories - assigns accessories to the edited goods. Accessories are products which are related to the ordered product, and this function allows customers to order them with the product (e.g. laptop -> laptop backpack)
  • Assign related - assigns related goods to the editor goods. Related goods are products which are for instance often sold with the selected product, and may be ordered with the edited goods (e.g. notebook -> DVDs).
  • Assign recommended - goods which is recommended with the edited product (vacuum cleaner -> vacuum cleaner aroma)
  • Assign alternative - proposed alternatives to the selected product (notebook -> netbook),, Google Analytics

The JET 1.0.3 skeleton has a sophisticated system of monitoring conversions and orders on and Google Analytics servers This is then used to evaluate the number finalized and unfinalized orders in the eshop, price values within the whole year etc. Based on this it is then possible to adjust the eshop into a form which will be more successful in selling goods. For and, an XML file is automatically generated daily for importing into search servers from the current eshop data.


The sitemap.xml file is automatically generated every day. This file is used to insert your eshop links into search engines such as or The current sitemap.xml file is periodically downloaded by servers (robots) into the search server databases and these are then used to evaluate the successfulness of internet presentations. All links from sitemap.xml are indexes into search servers, where they are stored and then displayed when searching based on the entered keywords.

Facebook, Google+, Diaspora and other social networks

The possibility of using any social network to advertise the eshop or web. Use of the most up-to-date elements of the advertisement. Comments, LIKE BUTTON, LIVE STREAM, Recommendations and others.

E-shop directly on Facebook

Allows the creation of an eshop directly in the Facebook environment, with all the functions of a normal eshop. This includes for instance ordering of goods and sending of orders in PDF format.

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